Trust Debt Collection is one of the first offices licensed in United Arab Emirates to practice Debt Collection, Rescheduling, Restructuring, CPV Services and Sales Services. The organization was established in 1990 with its head office in Dubai and branches in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.Trust Debts Collection appreciates the sensitivity of debt recovery and its potential negative effect on client relations. We can also be used for dispute resolution and negotiation practices to resolve problems in an amicable fashion and to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.Debt management must be effective to ensure a constant cash flow and a minimal risk for bad debts. This applies to both small and large companies alike. No business is immune to the risks associated with international trade and can be exposed to poor payment behavior.

Trust Debt Collection can offer a comprehensive a local & global debt collection service which ensures problem debts are dealt with quickly and efficiently. We also have the availability of using a professional inhouse lawyer from our sister company Trust Lawyers & Legal Consultants should the need arise. We can also act as debt mediator if there is a disputed account. Sometimes it is better that an independent party attempts to resolve a matter, just a different insight.