Our approach is that the mediation process should be considered as an option for the resolution of any dispute between two or more parties. The earlier the mediation can take place, the greater will be the saving in terms of costs both of time and legal fees and the best chance will be provided to maintain a good relationship between the parties.

The mediation process is organized by the parties. The mediator is usually selected by agreement between the parties. The parties decide what information to share with the mediator and with each other.  The mediator will not act a judge, so will not provide a view of the merits.  Instead, the mediator will facilitate the negotiations between the parties. In doing so, he will follow a process which typically involves five stages, preparation, opening, exploration, bargaining and closing. We offer mediation services conducted in Arabic as well as in English. If you have a dispute that you wish to resolve, and you are considering mediation, we will act as your legal advisers and as counsel and guide you through the whole process.


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