Civil Law


Dubai Civil Law is part of the federal constitution which governs the Emirates. The UAE is made up of seven emirates, each of which is governed primarily by the UAE Federal Constitution. Some legislative powers have been devolved to the individual emirates by virtue of provisions in the Constitution.

The UAE has a civil law system of which is the dubai civil law and the primary sources of law are the statutory codes enacted by Supreme Council of the Federation. The statutory codes govern civil and commercial relationships across the UAE. Islamic Sharia law is used by local courts when matters are not specifically addressed in the codified law. Our practice of Dubai Civil Law involves a varied and often highly complex set of activities centering on;

  1. Advising clients on more specific civil law issues
  2. Lease contracts
  3. Construction contract
  4. Due diligence investigations
  5. Debt Collection services
  6. Breach of contracts
  7. Litigation and dispute settlements
  8. Tenancy contracts
  9. Legal Notices
  10. Advice on recent development of Laws by carrying out complaince with local legislations in UAE


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